The Safest alternative to all prescription and non-prescription OTC pain relieving medication. Stimulates and supports the body's desire to "Heal the Damage that is Causing the Pain". Topricin has 14 years of history in the medical community and is used by hundreds of thousands all over the world...
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Topricin 8 OZ BOTTLE

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topricin 2 oz tube2 oz. Tube SAVE $16.95 PRICE: $15.00

2oz Tube of Topricin Foot Therapy Cream
Every airline traveler should have Topricin Foot Therapy Cream in their bag. SAVE
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Topricin Foot Therapy8oz bottle-Topricin Foot Therapy Cream
Introducing doctor recommended Topricin® Foot Therapy Cream, specially formulated to effectively treat foot and ankle pain. It is perfect for common sports injuries such as plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, strains, sprains, leg cramps, and impact injuries and bruising. It is effective for heel pain, gouty arthritis, peripheral neuropathic pain and neuroma. Offers soothing treatment for swelling and soreness and effectively treats skin conditions of the feet.SAVE
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Topricin foot therapyTopricin Junior 1.5 oz.
Introducing Topricin® Junior Children's Pain Relief and Healing Cream specially formulated for kids. Pediatrician recommended this paraben free, patent pending formula treats pain associated with a wide range of common children's injuries. It is perfect for muscle sprains and strains, eczema, back, heel and knee pain, and overall growing pains. Formulated for easy absorption, Topricin® Junior is also a multi-purpose healing cream for all the everyday bruising, scrapes, scratches, minor burns and insect bites that children are prone to. SAVE
$12.95 PRICE: $11.00


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