These products contain clove, allspice, mustard seed, juniper berries, black pepper and ginger, formulated for their ability to:

  • ease pain and stiffness in muscles and joints
  • reduce inflammation and
  • increase circulation

Packs can be used on any part of the body. HOT or COLD. They are super alternatives to the limits and dangers of a heating pad and to leaky conventional ice packs.

The Trap Pack is designed to fit that hard to reach area between your shoulder blades. This pack fits perfectly due to its unique shape and stitching. It is great for people who work on computers or the phone, or people with daily stress and strain. The special herbs in this pack are perfect of calm, relax, relieve muscle pain and soothe tension. Heat 3 minutes in microwave on high and enjoy.

Extra Large Pack uses row stitching. Use it for maximum coverage or as a super bed warmer.
Size: 13" x 18", Weight: 5 1/2 lbs.

Price: $54.50

Extra Large Pack Cover
Color: White
Price: $7.50

Large Pack uses row stitching so it can be rolled up and used as a neck support, laid flat to cover large areas or wrapped around limbs.
Size: approximately 12" x 12", Weight: 3 lbs.

Price: $48.00

Large Pack Cover
Color: White
Price: $7.50

Basic Pack is excellent for use as lumbar support while sitting in a chair.
Size: approximately 8" x 12", Weight: 2 3/4 lbs.

Price: $36.00

Basic Pack Cover

Color: White
Price: $7.50

Trap Pack is uniquely shaped and stitched to fit in the curve between your shoulder blades. Also fits over shoulder and up the neck. Also very comfortable to lay on for lower back and hips
Size: 8"x25" on top and 8"x8" on bottom narrow part
Weight: 6 lbs.

Price: $60.50

ALLSPICE - natural sedative & pain reliever for relaxation.
BLACK PEPPER - stimulates circulation to reduce swelling.
GINGER - eases pain in joints.
CLOVE - analgesic for arthritis; natural pain reliever & sedative.
JUNIPER BERRY - relaxes muscle spasms.
MUSTARD SEED - stimulates circulation to break down toxins in muscles and joints.

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